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Late Roman troops defend themselves during battleWelcome... the webpages of Britannia.

The largest (and one of the oldest) re-enactment groups in the UK portraying the late Roman period.

See our impression of life and combat on a small island on the edge of a dying Roman Empire and the end of the Classical age.

Also - see provincial gladiators in action! It may be a long way from the Colosseum, but you will not be disappointed: A team consisting of criminals, barbarians and other prisoners of war, disgraced soldiers and thrill seekers will fight...for your entertainment!

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Voted  Reenactment Society of the Year by Military IllustratedVoted Reenactment Society of the Year
by Military Illustrated Magazine



`Britannia are a real pleasure to deal with, they are not only extremely knowledgeable about their subject but also so affable to work with and a good laugh which is most important on long shoot days. They are thoroughly professional and clearly love what they do. I would not hesitate to recommend them'.
(Adam Jenkins from BAFTA-award winning series Horrible Histories).

Britannia - `Thank you so much for the Games which exceeded all my expectations'.
(Jack Lohman, Director Museum of London, following Britannia's staging of the Gladiatorial Games at London's Guildhall Yard).

`Britannia stages dramatic, authentic reconstructions of gladiatorial combat, their costumes are astonishing and they're committed to making their battles look as bloodthirsty as possible'.
(Daily Express).

`Goodness, but it's violent out there and, after the warmup; in which gladiators cut the throats of a few, unresisting, condemned prisoners; the crowd goes wild'.
(The Guardian on Britannia's Guildhall Gladiator show).

`It really paid off having Britannia on set'.
(Neil Marshall, Director, Centurion).

`Britannia - the greatest gladiators in the Roman World'.
(Caroline Lawrence, author, The Roman Mysteries).