About us

Late Roman troops man the ballistaBritannia was founded in 1990 with the intention of researching and re-enacting one of the most turbulent periods in Britain's history, the collapse of the Roman Empire and the foundation of the early English kingdoms (350-650AD), this has been referred to as the 'Arthurian era' but is more properly called the Migration period, or Early Medieval era.

As a re-enactment society we have specialised in supplying personnel, historical consultation and occasionally props to the film industry and following our work on Ridley Scott's epic Gladiator (2000) we were approached to provide a 1st Century AD gladiatorial spectacular in the City of London.

This proved so successful that this is now an important part of Britannia's activities.

Britannia is a battle re-enactment society with a living history and research wing. We concentrate on exciting, crowd-pleasing combat with the addition of living history talks and craft demonstrations.

We are absolutely there for the audience, whether that be at live shows or through the medium of film, our aim is to make Britain's Roman history thrilling and accessible for children (of all ages) with the added approach that makes historical accuracy vital for our presentations.