Sketch of a Roman coffin used in a TV projectBritannia members have been involved in a number of historical
reconstruction projects that are 'uncharted territory'. By this we simply mean that, (to our knowledge) projects that appear not to have been attempted or documented in recent times.

In terms of efficiency and budget we have several draughtsmen that are often able to reach a sketched conclusion in consultation with the client before embarking on the actual project.

During the filming of Time Team in Cranbournce Chase (2004) we were able to discuss the construction of a Saxon wooden coffin after sketches were presented to programme consultant Mike Parker-Pearson, he was able to make the necessary changes which were duly amended before a budget was agreed to attempt the reconstruction. (Pictures feature on this page). The same technique was employed when we were called upon to reconstruct and demonstrate a floating cork filled tunic used by the spy Pontius Cominius in a programme about ancient espionage and stealth technology (Wild Dream Films 2008).

The coffin itself, with a Britannia member portraying a dead Saxon warrior