About us

Q: What makes you do this for a hobby?

A: The same thing that makes human beings get on hang-gliders, climb mountains, read novels, restore classic cars and spend thousands following
football teams.

Q: Can I join?

A: Yes... But think long and hard about what you want to do and what you are capable of doing. Not everyone is fit enough to do re-enactment combat, if you feel you are not then you may like to concentrate on something else like living history or research!

Also- we are based in the South of Britain.

Also - are you able to get to shows and training under your own steam? We do not run a taxi service!

Also - Are you old enough to take part? (Over 18's only)

Q: If I want to join Britannia or indeed any re-enactment group... What's the first thing I need?

A: A sense of humour!

Q: Is it expensive?

A: As expensive as you want to make it... Before you spend a lot of money on a sword, we suggest you buy accurate footwear and work upwards!
(The periods we concentrate on, if you were rich enough or clever enough to acquire a sword, then you were rich enough or clever enough to acquire

We will give you a list of recommended craftspeople to get your kit from.

We do not charge membership, but we expect £5 per year,per household as a contribution to our postal/admin charges.

Q: I live too far from you - Can I start my own branch of Britannia where I live?

No! Start your own group, use your imagination to give it a name that you have researched that's relevant to the activity and indeed area it's based
in. We'll help you if we can and may start to work with you.

Q: Can I copy and paste large sections of your text as part of my course work?

A: No! Why not read a few books!

Our conclusions are the result of our own research, who's to say we're right? You may form a totally different approach to a subject.