A gladiator in combatBritannia has been re-enacting life in the Roman times since 1990. Originally formed in Essex, we now have over 100 members nationwide who re-enact different aspects of life in the Roman age, from cooking to combat, archery to smithing. Over the last few years we have branched out into the extremely popular Familiar Gladitaoria, the Gladiatorial Spectacular. We have taken our hugely successful show all round Britain and also to Italy. We have been privileged enough to have performed in the actual amphitheatres at Caerleon & Chester as well as performing at many historic sites throughout the country. We have twice performed at the prestigious London Guildhall on the floor of the actual arena that has been uncovered and were lucky enough to be asked to mark the anniversary of the opening. We have an impressive list of credits to our name including Ridley Scott's Gladiator, Sky One's recent historical-drama; Life & Death In Rome, Battlefield detectives, Ch4’s Gladiator Girl, Comedy Feature film Gladiatress and more recently Horrible Histories (See our Film & Television section)


What do we do?

We can provide a full Gladiatorial Spectacle that covers every aspect of the Games. We provide the Gladiators & Gladiatices, Arena Staff, Emperor and Imperial party. The lanista, summa rudius, guards, musicians, Roman citizens, The priestesses of Fortuna & Charon ferryman of the dead.

We will provide a historical interpretation of what life & death was like for the Gladiators of Ancient Rome.

To see a complete Roman spectacle as it would have been 2000 years ago. See each of the different types of gladiators brought to life in the arena.

Anticipate the Emperors decision on the fate of the losing gladiator. Cheer for the gladiator that you think has fought the best and see if you can sway the Emperor’s mind.

Why a Gladiatorial Show?

After Britannia worked on Ridley Scott's' Gladiator we decided that there had been so much interest in the film and there was a demand from the public to see more of this type of action. We try to bring the true history and passion of the arena to life for the public. Since we started out we have quickly become the most in demand gladiatorial show in the country. We encourage the public to come and talk to us before and after the displays in the arena.

What will you see?

The arrival of the emperor, empress & royal guards. The parading of the Gladiators. The blessing of the arena by the priestesses of Fortuna, the Sumer rudius enters the arena. The fighting of the gladiators. Charon dispatching the defeated gladiators. Throughout the whole show we provide commentary form the Sumer rudius who will inform the crowd about what they are seeing in the arena.

Gladiators fight on the site of London's Gladiatorials ArenaHow to Hire Britannia

Our spectacle is impressive, think of it more as a traveling show. We are reluctant to break it up for small events as it works better in its entirety, although individual gladiators are available for corporate and PR functions.
Contact us by emailing us.

What can you expect to experience?

Two days of a living and working gladiatorial camp. Gladiators for the public to talk to, watch them train and attend daily routines of Roman times. Watch the spectacular gladiatorial combats in the arena, see which way the Emperor will decide the fate of the gladiators. A manned armourer’s tent, where the public can come and put on the armour and handle the weapons under supervision. Around this tented area can be found the Gladiators, Gladiatrices, Limitianii and others who will be on hand to talk to the public and have their pictures taken.

We do stress that our show is quite bloodthirsty (and we use stage effects) as life in the arena was, so please be aware of this fact. However, the kids generally love to see the blood fall to the floor as the gladiators die at the hands of each other.

Although, if you intend to hire us, we do recommend putting a warning about the show's graphic & bloody content on any advertisements!

Not for the squeamish!


Combat in the arena