About us

Britannia in it's earliest form!Britannia was founded by Dan Shadrake in June 1990 - with a strict policy of recruiting non-reenactors (he wanted people that had a fresh approach to

Within a month of its foundation Britannia members were working as extras in the film Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (Morgan Creek 1990).

First show August of that same year (Cosgrove School fete, Ingrave, Essex). Invites to events covering other periods soon followed (Hastings and Maldon)
these were deemed useful experience for a fledgling group.

Quite a lot of documentary work in our first few years shaped our outgoing approach towards both film-work and live performances.

We worked for several weeks as extras on the Jerry Zucker feature film First Knight in 1994. We have been lucky enough to have spent a bit of time with
Mark Ryan (Nazir of Robin of Sherwood) and theatre fight arranger Tim Stout as well as stuntman Ray Nicholas who have all contributed advice and
training towards improving our combat styles.

Our first major English Heritage show was in 1995 at Wroxeter.

Worked on Ridley Scott's Gladiator (2000) during 1999.

To date we have performed at over 500 venues and have contributed to over 100 film and television projects.

Our most recent work in this area was on the childen's CBBC Horrible Histories series and British comedy film Faintheart (2008).

Our approach is always one of flexibility, adapting quickly to changing circumstances, total professionalism but we hope never to lose sight of the
most important aspect of all... The fact that it can be enjoyable.Britannia today